Nigerian PayTech Paga launches Visa physical and virtual cards

Nigerian PayTech Paga launches Visa physical and virtual cards

Nigerian payments and financial services company Paga has launched its Visa cards, which come in both physical and virtual forms.

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New Virtual Dollar Card for International Payments without Limit in Nigeria || 2023

You can use this virtual dollar card to make online payments, pay for subscriptions, pay for ads etc in dollars without worrying about monthly limits. Most NGN cards either can’t make international dollar payments, or have very low monthly limits for dollar payments, using the virtual dollar card you will see in this video, you will not have any issues with dollar payments.

Link to Get Virtual Dollar Card from Raven:

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3 Virtual Cards that Work for International Online Payment – (Dollar Payment Limit Fixed)

3 Virtual Cards that Work for Online Payment – (5 Ways to Solve Online Payment Issues in Nigeria)

With the current development in Nigeria regarding some restrictions, the fintech industry is not spared as we have seen different waves of restrictions from CBN.

Recently, the Naira debit card stopped working for the international payments. Many people switched to virtual cards, and as I am writing this, virtual cards provider platforms have received their own share of the slam.

Many virtual card platforms have stopped working, thereby leaving many business owners and entrepreneurs who have certain payments online to make frustrated.

People have been asking for solutions to the development, and after thorough research and testing, we have brought a way out…

We made a video where we will show you 4 working virtual card platforms in Nigeria you can use to make international payments online

And also show you How to use your Naira card to make international payments online

If you are from another African country and you need a virtual card platform. This video will also help you, as the virtual card platforms we recommended in the video supports some African countries.

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Bank Cards for International Payments in Nigeria Without Limits as Virtual Dollar Cards is Disabled

Many Bank cards for international payments in Nigeria have been disabled but I have found a way to continue to make all my international transactions from Nigeria easily and that is exactly what I have taught in this video.

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