Demisto raises $43m in Series C funding

Demisto raises $43m in Series C funding

Demisto, a provider of security operations platform, has raised $43m in Series C funding.

100 – Dale Grogan – Grand Angels and Michigan Capital Network – Early Stage Funding Series

How do you get going when you’ve got an idea for a new medical product, but no funding to take the first steps? Answer: There are all sorts of early stage funding opportunities available! You just have to know where to look! Angel investors have long formed a crucial backbone of the investment community. Modern angels have learned to team up to share knowledge and investment opportunities.

Dale Grogan

Managing Partner at Grand Angels & Michigan Capital Network

In his nearly than 35 years of professional business expertise, Dale has been an entrepreneur, buyer, seller, and investment banker. He has raised more than $100 million for start-up and early-stage companies and venture capital funds. Dale started and owned numerous businesses, including an NASD broker/dealer firm, several technology companies, and consulting firms focused on start-up businesses. He was the founder and CEO of a high-tech company, which he took public, and then private again. Dale will be joining us to describe the process of angel investing!


What is Venture Debt and why invest in it?

A type of loan specific to start-ups, investors of this type of debt typically receives cash distributions early due to the structure of the loan. A possible investment strategy for income that investors can consider.

Pioneers of the Venture Debt concept in Southeast Asia (SEA), InnoVen Capital SEA is a leading Venture Debt provider to start-up and growth stage companies in the region.

With more than USD 210 million invested in 100+ debt transactions, InnoVen has helped the start-up scene in SEA grow to include 3 Unicorns* in their portfolio.

Start-ups in their portfolio include Hmlt, Circles.Life, eFishery, Pomelo Fashion, Carsome and more.

Watch Ben Cheah, Partner at InnoVen Capital SEA explain more about Venture Debt and why you might consider including it in your portfolio!

*Start-ups with more than 1 billion in valuation.

ADDX (formerly iSTOX) is your entry to private market investing. It lets you invest in private equities, hedge funds, unicorns, and other opportunities at a far lower entry cost, and that have long excluded most people.

ADDX is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and is open to all non-US accredited and institutional investors.

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Startup Funding Rounds Explained!

The process of raising money for a startup can be confusing – so here’s a basic rundown!
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