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I'm in for 2020. Join Me.

Dear Friend,

The North Carolina legislature has finally adjourned its 2019 session, and next year’s election now lies ahead.2020 looms as one of the most consequential elections in our state’s and nation’s history. The basic values of our democracy will be on the line.

In 2014 I was fed up with the hyper-partisan and vindictive Republican-held NC General Assembly, and with the support of a great many friends, I was elected to represent NC House District 115. Joining my Democratic colleagues, we took the first steps towards returning our state to its traditional leadership role in the South. The journey continues, and we must make 2020 our year.

After a decade of election rigging, 2020 marks a new decade for drawing political districts, mandated after the 2020 Census. The time has come, once and for all, to end gerrymandering in North Carolina.

After a decade of trampling on human rights in our state, 2020 could allow for the full repeal of HB2 and the final passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

After a decade of short-changing our teachers and wreaking havoc with our proud UNC University system, 2020 could renew our pledge for educational opportunity for everyone.

2020 can be the end to a decade of tax breaks for the wealthy. We can fight back against the fossil fuel interests who have blocked progress to combat climate change. Renewable energy is not just the future anymore.

Coal Ash deposits, fracking, and polluted water need to be relegated to the past, as we continue the clean-up our state.

I am excited about what can be accomplished in the next decade. I hope you will once again support me in my 2020 re-election bid for NC House 115, so that together we can move North Carolina forward.


Rep.  John Ager